Professional Cleanroom Cleaning 

Ensure your manufacturing cleanroom is ready for use by relying on the solutions offered by Cleanroom Facility Services. We provide cleanroom cleaning in CA and throughout the United States to companies and institutions that require clean manufacturing spaces. Some of the manufacturing industries that we regularly work with include:

Pharmaceutical | Medical Device | Semiconductor | Electronics | Biotech | Cosmetics | Food | Automotive | Computer | Aerospace

We also provide our services to medical centers and hospitals that need cleanrooms for medical testing and procedures. Contact us today to learn more about the cleaning services we have to offer or to see why we are one of the top cleanroom certification companies around.


Commitment to Quality

At our company, we understand the importance of having a perfectly cleaned space for manufacturing sensitive materials. That is why we are dedicated to always providing the highest quality results on every project we undertake. This way, you know that your facility will be perfectly cleaned and certified for whatever good you plan on manufacturing. So whether you need bio-safety cabinet testing or HEPA filtration installation and cleaning, trust our skilled technicians to handle the work. We will always go above and beyond to exceed your cleaning expectations.

What Are They Saying About Us

Wonderful! You were my first group to reach zero past dues this year and my first to reach zero past dues twice! GREAT JOB! 
—Pharma Quality Control Manager

As far as I know, there have been no Cleanroom Facility Services deviations in 2012. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you. Cleanroom Facility Services should be congratulated! Please encourage the associates to continue using good aseptic technique. Agree. These results demonstrate excellent attention to aseptic gowning and behaviors by Cleanroom Facility Services staff! 
—Pharma Quality Assurance Department

Today, I was stopped in the hallways and was spoken to about your group... I want to add that the service provider before you never received anything that even sounded remotely close to this...  
—Medical Device Manufacture Facilities Manager

 I just want to thank you and your crew for such a great job performed, and for supporting us during our difficult times. Great Job!
—Pharmaceutical Filling Supervisor

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